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Cyprus is located in the extreme northeast corner of the Mediterranean, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is a recognized financial centre and a significant gateway for EU inbound and outbound investments. It complements the traditional links Cyprus has with central and Eastern Europe, Russia, India, and China. The island hosts a noteworthy expatriate community, having the third-highest percentage of foreign citizen residents in the EU.

Education in Cyprus is overseen by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Higher education often begins with a four-year bachelor's degree. Postgraduate degrees include master's degrees, either taught or by research, and the doctorate, a research degree that usually takes at least three years. Universities require accreditation in order to issue degrees. It has a reputation for good public education, and it is among the top three countries in Europe in terms of the amount of GDP it spends on education.

Studying in Cyprus is much more than a quality academic and learning process; it is a wonderful living experience in a stimulating, buzzing, and safe environment, with year-round sunshine, captivating natural beauty, and a rich historical and cultural landscape. Quality English is excited to add Cyprus as the 9th destination for English Language study. It is well known for its brilliant nightlife and suitable for all tastes. Cyprus has high academic standards. The country is very safe and the crime rates are extremely low. Scholarships are provided to all International students that cover up to forty percent of tuition fees.

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