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Mauritius stands as one of the leading states in the African region in terms of the ease of doing business, good governance, innovation, economic freedom, and environmental performance. Mauritius is regarded as one of the ideal places in South Asia. Mauritius is one of the world's best luxury tourism destinations.

The education system in Mauritius is largely based on the British system since Mauritius was a former British colony.Education in Mauritius is managed by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources, which controls the development and administration of state schools funded by the government. Mauritius has become a destination for providing high-quality education and reframing students with an overall grade of excellent over the world.

Mauritius is a fascinating, world-in-one-island paradise. Its very name conjures up images of tropical luxury, cobalt-blue seas, white sandy beaches, and luxury hotels. The country is very much particular for providing standard education for its international students. Mauritius provides the opportunity to obtain a foreign degree from various universities of the UK, France, Australia, Malaysia, etc, for international and local students. It provides comparatively less living costs for an international student to live in the country. The country is exposed to many different traditions and cultures. The people living in the country are bilingual, i.e. in English and French. And, thus it provides ease for an international student to improve language skills.

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