Exploring the Best Countries to Study Environmental Courses and Job Opportunities

Environmentalists are nothing short of modern-day superheroes. These heroes guard us against hazardous waste, soil, air, and water pollution, and every other problem you can think of relating to public health. But where are the ideal settings for applying these superpowers?

Here are some employment prospects and recommended Environmental Science study abroad locations for a Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree, should you want to pursue one.

Studying environmental science overseas seems appealing—even a little posh—but what does it involve?

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Since affluent Western nations have greater resources and means to devote more time to environmental concerns than developing nations, environmental courses are usually in high demand in these nations. The following are a few of the top nations in the world to study and work as environmental engineers:

1. Canada

It is understandable that a large number of environmentalists in Canada work for governmental agencies and environmental groups given the country's strong commitment to both environmental preservation and ensuring excellent living conditions for its citizens. After five years of experience, entry-level earnings can increase to 60,000 EUR annually, on average.

2. USA

In the United States, there are a lot of job advertisements for environmental professionals, particularly in private chemical, architectural, and waste management organizations. After you have some experience, the average annual pay is 72,000 EUR. A few US states where environmental engineers get fat salaries are:

  1. Houston (100,00 EUR per year)
  2. New Orleans (92,000 EUR annually), and
  3. San Francisco (87,000 EUR annually).


3. The United Kingdom

In the UK, environmental work placements, sometimes known as "green jobs," are offered by government and corporate organizations, the majority of which are located in London.

The annual compensation ranges from 22,000 to 55,000 EUR.

4. Denmark:

This list had to include the world's most ecologically friendly nation. Denmark does exceptionally well in biodiversity and air quality in particular, scoring 82.5 points on the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). Studying in the Scandinavian nation will allow you to explore how renewable energy is used, stay in eco-friendly hostels, and discover how the nation achieved its EPI ranking. Furthermore, Denmark's advantageous location between Northern and Western Europe facilitates simpler transit between the two continents.

5. Switzerland:

Switzerland can be an alternative you never thought of. You can’t go wrong with this pick if you have your eyes on research, public health, or environmental health. When you factor in Swiss cheese and all the breathtaking views waiting for you in the country, Switzerland is a country you cannot miss out on!

6. New Zealand:

It's easy to see why the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in New Zealand. If you wish to get experience working overseas following your education, this country can give you more than you can expect as it is easy to find employment here.


Choosing the right country to study environmental courses can significantly impact your educational and career trajectory. Whether you prefer the innovative spirit of the United States, the sustainability initiatives of Germany, or the progressive policies of Sweden, there are plenty of options to explore. When you factor in university reputation, job market, and personal preferences, you can’t simply go wrong with this choice!

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